Saturday, July 10, 2010

While you were sleeping

I've discovered lately that I may be forming an acute sense of obsessive behavior and/or thoughts...(To self) "Is she breathing? I just checked on her, check again, Oh asleep and alive!" Now repeat that sequence 20 times through out the night...and quite possibly a few times during the day. I did the same thing with Kalinka and Tatu when they tried to sneak into my bed or join me for a nap on the couch. *sweet cats* All of this because of that crib! I may have to initiate operation sleeping back in mommy's bed.

FYI Athalie's first tooth is in, and the little tator tot is now crawling! Of course to get her to crawl takes much coaxing and many toys, but to see her soldier crawl is well worth it :)

Much love

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